Premier Service Plans

You can now have 24hour/7days a week Emergency Service, just by calling the office at 718-720-4980. Once your’e a Premier Service Customer your call will be dispatched immediately to one of our Service Technician who will return your call within an hour. Plus, many parts and services are included free.

PLAN A – Is heating only plan. This includes one routine 15-point service check for proper winter operation.

PLAN B – Is an air conditioning only plan. This includes one routine 15-point service check for proper summer operation.

PLAN C – Is a combination Plan for both hot air Furnace & air conditioning. This includes two routine 15-point service checks, one for proper winter operation and one for proper summer operation.

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Storage Tank, Humidifier, Zone Valve–Hydronic or Forced Air, ¾ Honeywell Zone Valves, Slow Flow Circulator Pump


Thermostat, automatic gas valve, electric ignition controls, fan controls, safety controls, thermocouple and/or sensor, transformer, blower motor, belts, circulator motor and couplers, air vents and extrol tanks, pilot burner, air flapper, orifices, condenser fan motor, run capacitor and start relay, high and low pressure controls, relays contractor and time delay relay, flame rollout switch and flue spill switch.

This agreement provides the labor for a compressor replacement in the first five years.  The compressor or labor is not covered under this agreement, except when under the manufacturers five year warranty, freight and filter dryers will be added cost.

Heat exchangers, burners, automatic water feed, fan blades, blowers, humidifiers (unless noted), electronic air cleaner and other accessories.  Freight & or labor to replace these items are not covered by this agreement.

Our company will endeavor to render prompt and efficient service hereunder, but it is expressively agreed that our company shall in no event be liable for damage or loss performance of this agreement.

Our company reserves the right to reject any agreement if on inspection by our technicians, equipment is found in such condition that service will be unsatisfactory to either party, and may also cancel this agreement and refund the unused portion.

It is mutually agreed that this agreement covers only electrically operated units inside the equipment and does not cover the labor for duct work and flue pipe, heat exchangers, electrical or plumbing work or balancing beyond the units, or any work required because of negligence, misuse of equipment or because of fire, flood acts of God, shortage of electrical or water supply, sabotage or damage caused by freezing.


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